The Best Of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 9-29-17

This week in our Best Of Digital Marketing, we are focusing on how the way we market to our consumers is changing drastically.  Millennials are creating a change in the way products are being developed and marketed because of their social media demands.  Businesses need to be on a more personal level with their customers and offer things like WiFi and pancakes in their lobbies.  It is important that we familiarize ourselves with platforms like LinkedIn and Snapchat, read more to find out why!

Here Are 20 LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts From Digital Marketing Pros:
There is no better place to connect with professionals than on LinkedIn.  Being the largest professional network, it is a must have for professionals and students looking to expand their network.  Read this article to discover the right and wrong things to do in order to land that job, or make connections.

The Global Digital Marketing Gap

It is obvious that digital marketing is on the rise not only domestically, but globally too!  Although this is a large step in the growth of digital marketing, it also creates a gap between global and local needs.  Customer expectations have gotten more specific with this growth, therefore forcing global brands brand to localize and specify their approaches.  Look further to find out more information on the trends that will result from this gap and how marketers can close this gap.

Digital Marketing To Millennials:

“Eighty-five percent of Americans aged 18-29 own smartphones…”  Knowing this, it is crucial that marketers reach this market.  However, this is not as easy as it may seem being that millennials are nearly on every social media platform there is.  This article will provide you with information on how to target these audiences across these relevant platforms without spreading your business too thin.

Pancakes and Social Media: How One Small Bank Engages Its Community:

This bank took a different approach to engage with their local community.  After receiving negative feedback from customers, the company took to social media to turn this around.  They were able to form a deeper relationship with these customers by responding directly to customer complaints.  Another way they make their customers comfortable is that they offer pancakes, donuts, and WiFi in their lobby!

5 Social Media Trends That Will Have Maximum Impact in 2018

Marketing is transforming because of the change in consumer preferences.  Additionally with the innovation in technology and the growing trend of streaming, the impact of marketing is changing daily.  This article will inform you the of the latest social media trends, what social platforms should be utilized, and how this will help your business.

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