NJ Remarketing Agency

remarketingThere are many ways to do paid advertising, and they all have their pros and cons. Some of them are expensive but they are good for brand awareness, some are affordable but may not get you the ROI you are looking for.

One of the most successful paid search types is remarketing or retargeting. The idea is very simple: show the ads to people who visited your website or your mobile app. People can leave your website without buying or signing up for anything for many reasons. Remarketing allows to show relevant ads in front of a defined audience that visited your website before as they browse around the web.

Remarketing, or as many people call it retargeting, can be done in text or display formats. You get to choose the audience you want to target: anybody who visits your website, only those who visited certain pages, those who visited more than one page and much more. The possibilities abound! Third party platforms also give you many options when it comes to defining your audience.

Do you want to get super precise?

Remarketing is great for precise targeting. It gives the user a second chance or opportunity to complete a certain action on the site. It usually has higher engagement rates, and leads to higher conversions Finally, the cost is consistently lower compared to standard text ads.

Robb Digital paid search team knows the beauty of remarketing and can deliver maximum ROI for your business through remarketing. Being a Google Partner and Google Adwords certified makes us more than qualified to create high-performance remarketing campaigns for your business.  We offer the type of remarketing we believe will work best for your business.  Robb Digital begins by gaining a deep understanding of your company’s goals and your user’s needs and behavior in order to decide which type of remarketing would work best for you: standard, dynamic, video, remarketing for mobile apps and more.

Contact us now to learn how Robb Digital Marketing team in New Jersey can improve your company’s conversion rate, reduce cost per impression, improve ROI and do cost effective branding through remarketing.