Local SEO Services in NJ

If you own a small local business nowadays, having a website which is optimized for local searches is a must. The good old days are gone where you could ignore the local SEO and still drive offline business. Research shows that every other search in Google is local. The tactics and the strategies used for local SEO are different from the general SEO. Here are few of the most important steps Robb Digital follows when considering to improve the client’s local visibility.Local SEO

  • Number one and probably the most important thing is to claim and verify your Google My Business page
  • Keyword research
  • Optimize the tags and the header for a specific City/Town/Region etc.
  • Optimizing the existing content or add a new fresh, unique content specifically optimized for the location the client wants to target.

Robb Digital local SEO experts in New Jersey have the experience and the knowledge to make your website visible for the local searches. The very first thing we do even before we have the initial call with the client is to have a detailed SEO audit. The audit report gives us an idea what has been done on the site before, we look at the historical data from Google Analytics to see the traffic and the organic searches the site has been getting. Then we have the initial call or the meeting with the client to find out more about their business, what type of business it is, what their target audience, location is and much more. Once we have all the information we need we start implementing the SEO changes based on the local searches.

Contact us today to find out how our New Jersey local SEO team can increase your website traffic, increase your brand awareness, make your site mobile and SEO friendly, help you get more positive reviews from happy customers, decrease the bounce rate and much more.