Meet our special employees, Maggie and Tucker, our office mascots. Dogs are a great addition to any team and we are lucky to have them in our office. Not only do they keep our energy levels high, they help keep our blood pressure levels low (both of which are good things in the agency world).

Meet Tucker

Tucker is a 9 year young English Springer Spaniel and Border Collie mix with a tremendous personality.  He thinks he was a guard dog (maybe a Rottweiler) in another life and spends a lot of his energy letting everyone know that the mailman and UPS guy are dropping off our deliveries from Amazon. He loves to play with his little sister Maggie and is very vocal when he does. When he isn’t at work he prefers to spend his down time sleeping on the sofa with one of the family cats, Benny.

Meet Maggie

Maggie (aka Magpie) is quite a mystery. Weighing in at a mere 30 lbs. we like to say she is a miniature German Shepherd, but truth be known, we have no clue what she is! She is 5 years old and quite the puppy still, despite her overall sweet and demure disposition. For the most part she is passive and gentle, but if she is excited when you visit the office she is known to nibble on the back of your ankles if you don’t stop to say “Hi” to her. We are working on her manners.