The Best of Digital Marketing from Around the Web 9/7/18

Summer is officially over and we are heading into the start of school! Students have their reading assignments… what’s on your reading list? We bring you these following articles from a few quality blogs discussing current events in the world of digital marketing. This week, we concentrate on a diverse number of topics ranging from the 100 books every marketer should read to various “About Us” page examples and how to embrace failure (super important)!

How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest

Pinterest is growing in the marketing field and everyone is running to this platform for their creative inspiration. In this article, you’ll discover how to promote your email opt-in via your Pinterest profile, boards, and pins. If you have a lot of followers on Pinterest, this article is for you.

Marketers: It’s Time To Embrace Failure

As a person, it is very important to embrace failure. It is okay to not succeed at everything you do, because how will you improve yourself? In the digital marketing world, there are a lot of trial and errors that occur. From failing marketing campaigns, advertisements to a post that just didn’t do well. It’s essential to know that this is alright and to not stress the small things. Just keep going at it and you will eventually succeed!

100 Books Marketers Should Read

This article is lengthy but extremely vital! Books are there to increase your knowledge about many different aspects and digital marketing has a ton of concepts to understand. These books can increase your understanding as a marketer which in turn can help you become even more awesome at what you already do best!

About Us Page Examples

Your “About Us” page is crucial to your business. It is one of the first pages that someone goes to when visiting your website. It has to be creative, informational and to the point. This is your first impression and it really does count to the user! Read this article about creative “About Us” examples that can aid you in writing your very own amazing page.

How To Plan A Successful PPC Campaign in 2018

Whether you’re creating a PPC campaign from scratch or looking to improve an existing one, you should take a holistic approach. This insightful how-to guide for creating the most successful PPC campaigns goes in-depth and looks at the different factors that are needed to help increase the efficiency of your campaigns and also how you and your company can benefit from them.

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